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About Us

Team Freedom Won is driven by challenge!

Developing and growing the adoption of green energy solutions and electric mobility globally.

Freedom Won, a South African company founded in 2011 with the completion of our first electric vehicle conversion prototype – our Jeep Grand Cherokee (dubbed Freedom1). We have since built several more electric vehicles, predominantly for wildlife tourism lodges to use for game drives (safari). The Freedom Won electric conversion design can be installed into most existing car models, at various levels of sophistication, power, and range, depending on requirements and budgets.

The Lithium battery technology used in Freedom Won’s EV conversions has proven so successful, we have further developed solutions for static energy storage using this same technology. Our Lite battery sells our Lithium Iron Phosphate energy storage solutions in an integrated, compact and stylish wall unit for residential and business use, to protect against load shedding and outages as well as integration with solar panels to reduce or eliminate utility power usage.

Freedom Won has Africa’s unique power challenges covered with our leading range of superior Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) energy storage solutions. Our solutions are fast becoming the preferred choice as the huge advantages of using this proven technology become more widely known.

Antony English

Bsc. Eng (Elec-Mech), MBA, PMP, Co-Owner

Having graduated with Honours in Electro-Mechanical Engineering in 1999, Antony spent the following twelve years employed in project engineering and management within the mineral processing sectors.  It was also during this period, he successfully completed both an MBA and a certification in Project Management.

As a self-confessed Eco-Warrior, Antony has always held a special passion for Green Technology.  In what was to become a meeting of minds, Antony teamed up with co-founder Lizette Kriel, and their mutual passion for eco-technology came to fruition in the shape of an SUV conversion to pure electric drive.  Following years of research and more than 1000 hours painstakingly spent building, testing and re-testing the conversion of their Jeep Grand Cherokee to a pure electric vehicle and on 9 December 2011 “Freedom1” took to the road.

As the head of Operations, Strategy, Branding, and Co-owner of Freedom Won, Lizette Kriel, has from day one been vigorously involved in the green Freedom Won brand.

Lizette’s background has always been rooted in the creative arts:  armed with a Speech and Drama at UP, she graduated into Stage Management and ultimately into the ownership of her transformational marketing company. Little did she know that her studies and career expansion would prove significant forces in the development of her marketing expertise and eventually shared ownership of Freedom Won.

Freedom Won is much more than just a business for Antony and Lizette – it is literally a lifestyle.  Both owners are vociferous lobbyists for green technology, which has since translated into the supply of alternative energy sources to consumers and businesses alike.

Meet Freedom Won’s Founders

Lizette Kriel

Operations, Strategy, Brand, Co-Owner

Lizette Kriel is vigorously involved in the green Freedom Won brand.

Her career started with initial training in speech and drama at UP. Little did she know that her studies and career expansion would prove significant forces in the development of her marketing expertise and eventually shared ownership of Freedom Won.

Her extensive exposure to stage management honed her organisational and creative skills, which further evolved into her brand communications proficiency.

Her lingering passion for marketing, writing and branding saw her joining Saatchi & Saatchi, subsequently moving into Adcorp and eventually managing her own transformational marketing company – Summertime (2007 -2012).

When meeting Antony in 2008 a dramatic shift took place as Lizette’s interest was increasingly raised – and finally completely sold on meeting the challenges of driving the business development, strategy, branding, marketing and publicity of a shared green vision.

Steadfast, excited and determined to explore the green entrepreneurial opportunities Freedom Won offers… on 9 December 2011 Lizette and Antony successfully took to the road in Freedom1 (their electric converted Jeep Grand Cherokee)…


Also Forward-Thinking?

Should you wish to discuss how your products, services or forward thinking could be beneficial to our endeavors please contact us. Securing the best technology and component suppliers is of utmost importance in the development of Freedom Won© cars and battery energy storage solutions.

Freedom Won© is making a huge effort to ensure the best technology for all our applications will be secured at reasonable prices.

Assistance from industry leaders is invaluable to the task of bringing many more affordable EV conversions and green energy solutions to market.

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