The process of becoming a reseller


  • All companies can register to become a reseller if they supplier us with the following:
    • CK1
    • Company website
    • Proof of address
  • Upon registration the profile should be created but set to inactive
    • Set autoresponder saying profile will be active within 48hrs
    • Limited view account meaning – No pricing, no ordering platform, no notifications
  • Manual activation will take place on the system once profile has been review
    • Full account access


You (reseller) will need to:

  • Be an established, experienced and reputable telecoms company.
  • Have a high level of Renewable energy knowledge.
  • Have an existing customer and sales force.
  • Commit to and achieve annual sales targets.
  • Trading entity
  • Willingness to undergo training and certification
  • Evidence of at least 3 solar installations completed
  • Company profile or website

You (Reseller) will be responsible for:

  • The Sale and the sales fulfilment process
  • Account Management
  • Bi annual Sales projections

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