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Chobe Game Lodge putting Freedom1 through its paces…

December 2013 we had the fortune to put Freedom1 through its paces here at Chobe Game Lodge on the banks of the Chobe River in Chobe National Park – North Eastern Botswana.

Antony and Lizette readily took up the challenge and towed Freedom1 up to us, all the way from Krugersdorp, a good 1200 km trek. Chobe Game Lodge is an ECO lodge and we have been pursuing zero emission drive trains for our vehicles and boats for a number of years.

The key was to find local expertise that had the commitment and actual working, practical examples on the ground. This came in the form of Freedom Won with Freedom1 (their Jeep Grand Cherokee converted to pure electric drive).

Over a period of 5 days we extensively tested Freedom1 in extreme conditions that included thick sand, bad rutted tracks and rainy wet environments. Freedom1 performed beyond our wildest expectations. The jeep has been neatly converted to battery power – the battery packs, wiring, additional instrumentation and that 80Kw AC electric motor have been fitted neatly and professionally.

As a consequence of the above pioneering engineering, we will be working with Freedom Won over the next year converting 3 x Landrover TD 130’s from diesel to battery power and convert one of our double hulled game viewer boats that is currently powered by a 40hp petrol outboard motor.

We look forward to this electrifying collaboration with Team-Freedom Won!

Johan Bruwer


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