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Industry solutions

Residential Off-Grid Systems

Our residential solution could afford you, the homeowner, total independence from the grid. A typical house can run entirely from solar power with, for instance, a 6kW peak solar array and a 30kWh battery pack built to last for over ten years. The system can be sized to any capacity to suit household demands and can run the home through two to three days of poor weather.

Residential Backup Systems

Eliminate the frustration caused by power outages without a cumbersome and noisy diesel generator. A 10kWh pack of Freedom Lite cells will operate a household during a power outage for a few hours and then will be recharged when power is restored.

Telecommunication Towers

Freedom Lite are proud of their track record in offering Telecom companies, bespoke solutions and superior performance in comparison to lead-acid batteries currently in use.

Power Quality Improvement.

Power users on a poor grid infrastructure plagued with dips and spikes, can use Freedom Lite cells efficiently and cost-effectively to smooth power supply even on high power systems.


For Mines based in remote locations, building a solar array with these cells as backup to run through the night and charge in the day is far more cost-effective than diesel generators if the operating lifespan is long enough – as it would be on a mine. Variants of the solutions we offer are extensive: i.e. for plants with poor power quality it is simple to install a battery bank that can ride an entire plant through a power dip or even for several minutes in order to allow for a controlled stop. To simplify this even further, plants with mostly VSD’s running their machines can run the VSD’s off DC power by connecting the standard VSD’s via the DC link. This makes the VSD’s immune to power quality problems and minimises damage so often caused by dips and surges.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

UPS systems are notorious for the short lifespan of the typical lead-acid batteries they use, especially if the batteries are stored in a high-temperature environment. LiFePO4 cells are far less sensitive to high temperatures and can comfortably operate up to 45 degrees Celsius with no related drop in lifespan or performance. Freedom Lite cells can stand at full charge for lengthy periods without deteriorating.

Battery Tripping Units

Electrical sub stations require battery backup to trip the breakers if necessary when there is no grid power. Lead acid cells left at full charge will still deteriorate, which is a common problem with the batteries used to supply these tripping units. Freedom Lite cells do not deteriorate in such a scenario and only require discharging and recharging once every few months.

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