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Chobe Game Lodge’s electric conversions kick off…
Phase1 – Electrify 1st of 3 Landies + 1st of 7 Double Hulled Game Viewing Boats

At the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, 5 Apr ‘14 the wheels started rolling… Chobe Game Lodge’s GM, Johan Bruwer with Landie TD130 and Game Viewing Boat’s 40hp petrol outboard motor in tow, bit the bullet and started the 2-day trek from Botswana to Freedom Won’s home base in South Africa…

Johan, man-alone determinedly persevered. After many a good old wimpy coffee, old fashioned bubble gum (Johan’s tried and tested stay-focussed-formula) and Freedom Won’s regular ‘cheering on’ via cell phone, Johan and his heavy entourage arrived exhausted but safe and sound at Freedom Won at 7pm on Sunday, 6 Apr ‘14.

Long into Sunday night and some early hours of Monday morning conversations were inspired and on fire… fine tuning and driving the collaborative electric visions forward.

After only 4hrs of sleep, Johan was up and ready on Monday morning,

8 Apr ‘14 at 5.30am to tackle the ‘great trek’ back to Botswana again.

Go Johan!

Coffee in hand, at 5.30am Johan takes a last admiring look at the Landie’s lithium iron batteries and 80kW electric Permanent Magnet Motor… the next time he sees these babies, it’ll be inside the converted Landie – a pure electric Game Viewing Vehicle

Johan Bruwer and Jonathan Gibson ( Chobe Game Lodge), Team-Freedom Won SALUTES YOU! Together, we’ll keep pioneering the current future, enthusing the Game Viewing Vehicle Industry to electrify …

Idle a while’ for progress updates on Freedom Won’s Chobe electric conversions ….

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