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Chobe Game Lodge’s pure electric Landie conversion – Freedom3 is now in full swing and will be gracing Botswana with its presence soon…

Team-Freedom Won has spent the last six weeks refining the design, producing drawings and managing the specialist engineering fabrication of the Landie’s key conversion components.

Landie stripped… eagerly awaiting it’s ‘make-over’ to pure electric drive AND Team-Freedom Won is growing… Welcome Daniel and Miguel. Happy converting!

After the battery boxes’ design and positions were finalised, all the aluminium sheet sections were cut and welded together.

Battery box 2 and 3 are installed with batteries. Battery box 1 has been fabricated and will be installed after motor installation.

Battery Box 1’s support brackets have been fabricated as well as the power steering and vacuum pump anti vibration adapter plate.

Brake and accelerator pedals have been reinstalled with position sensors attached.

The electric motor mounting position was determined in relation to the correct transfer case position which lead to the design of the adapter housing. An extension shaft to match the motor shaft to the transfer case was also designed.

There’s been much excitement after collection of the motor adapter housing and the extension shaft. .. which has now been fitted with the motor and transfer case, an integral unit ready to go into Freedom3.

Motor mount fabricated.

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