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Imagine... never having to visit the service station, but rather charging your car at home or at the office! Imagine... trading high fuel costs for a minimal increase in your monthly electricity bill! Imagine... service intervals of more than 50 000 kms where the servicing work required is not much more than checking the batteries, tyres, brakes and the window washer fluid!

... Freedom Won did imagine it and now we’ve successfully engineered it too!

We believe that the adoption of the EV can be supported by a focused philosophy of bringing the concept to market without massive upfront investment in mass production plans and heavy reliance on government subsidies. We thus developed the technology to allow easy conversion of conventional cars to electric power using our custom designed conversion model.

Each conversion is different, depending on the vehicle itself, but also on how much performance and range are required by like-minded converts. Freedom Won© is currently capable of converting most vehicles to electric power with electric motors available up to a maximum continuous power of 80kW. Higher power motors will be considered in the future for high performance EVs.

The Freedom Won concept can be installed into various existing car bodies, at various levels of sophistication, power and range, depending on requirements and budgets.

Our key company strategy is to demonstrate the viability and long-term benefits and value of driving and owning converted electric vehicles with the longer term vision of a large scale uptake of the EV concept.

The electric drive conversion concept is not only exciting for the everyday commuter but provides excellent opportunities for niche market penetration, including:

  • Electric game viewing vehicles - offering silent and smooth operation for 4x4’s in on and off road conditions
  • Mine light vehicles - including mine pit 4x4’s and underground LDVs for mines with drive in declines
  • Airport Vehicles - including general delivery, apron services, VIP transport and mini shuttle busses
  • Minibus taxi industry – electric taxis will reduce operating costs by up to 80%
  • Agricultural – general farm 4x4 runabouts for farmers looking to reduce their diesel consumption.

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