Customer Questionnaire: This questionnaire is designed to assist Freedom Won determine your needs and expectations regarding your battery along with the rest of the solution. This information will enable us in most cases to determine the size Freedom Lite (which model) you will need, or for larger systems the specifications of a custom battery solution. We will thus be able to quote you on the battery solution right away and also give you a cost estimate for the full system.

Once you have ordered your battery we will have one of our partners visit your premises to firm up the quote for the remainder of the sytem. This visit it important in case there are any unusual factors that may affect the complexity and cost of the installation, however there is seldom a variation of more than 5%.

If there are some sections you cannot complete Freedom Won will help fill in the gaps.

What is your primary motivation to install a battery inverter system? (eg. do you want load shedding backup of 4 hrs, manage short term outages only with generator backup, reduce electricity charges but still retain a grid connection, install a new system that does not have a grid connection available, take your house off grid completely for long term savings etc – please explain:

Type of Installation Required – from the Freedom Won website examples, which package do you think best suits your needs, example 1, 2, or 3? :

Estimated monthly power consumption:

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